Welcome to Nicole Michelle where you will find financial tips, tools and resources to guide you on your journey to financial freedom. Nicole Michelle is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 20 years of professional experience. Through her personal experiences and God-given wisdom, she provides financial nuggets and philosophies that empower individuals.

Nicole Michelle encourages you to be your best financial self.


A Christian finance resource guide to be released Spring 2019.

  • Discover the roots of your problems
  • Learn the ABCs of finance
  • Implement proven strategies
  • Achieve financial freedom within months

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“A broken focus will keep you broke.” –Nicole Michelle

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“After polling our membership, we found they needed help with their finances. Finding someone who was technically and scholastically able to cover multiple areas under the financial umbrella, but practical enough to be able to advise people on every ‘step’ of the financial ladder was our greatest challenge. Nicole fit that description and fulfilled those wishes for us perfectly.”
Vern L. Cooper
Pastor, The Ark Church
“Nicole Michelle knows how to captivate her audiences from start to finish. She is powerful, exhilarating and relevant. Her speech was thought-provoking, life changing and transformative. I left the room energized, feeling like I could do and accomplish anything. She not only gave me nuggets that prompted action but the wisdom and insights for positive change. I definitely would recommend her for your next corporate event. Book her before someone else does!”
Vernon Jai
Founder and President, Dream Capital International
"I had the pleasure of hearing Nicole's SUPERWOMAN speech in Atlanta at the first taping of Millionaire Mastermind. The way she engaged and captured the audience with her message was pure magic. She brings a brand new element to motivational speaking with true testimonies from her experiences and the financial breakthroughs she has helped others achieve. SUPERWOMAN’s key principles resonate with the current and future business women in the room immediately. By far the most impressive delivery I have ever witnessed."
Jonavon Stephens
CEO/President, Aquarius Vision Music, Sports & Film
"For more than 10 years, Nicole Michelle has been the Certified Public Accountant for me, my not-for-profit organization and two companies. She has an impeccable work ethic. I have found her to be one of the most integrous people that I know. Nicole Michelle operates with the highest level of professionalism. She is committed to what she does, does it well and knows how to follow through. She is definitely a provider of exceptional client services. She is also very reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend her services to any individual, not-for-profit organization or corporation."
David Imonitie, Jr
Chairman 500 iMarkets Live 8 Figure Income Earner

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